Hi! Welcome to Healthy Eating On A Student Budget’s blog.

This journey started when I decided to try the Paleo lifestyle. For those who don’t know, this popular life style excludes wheat, grains, dairy, refined sugars and some carbohydrates. I heard that Paleo was a great lifestyle for weightless and its health benefits, but that its a pricey lifestyle to live. I am currently a student, and as most students know, we have to live on a budget (sometimes an extremely tight budget). I decided to give the Paleo lifestyle a go, but stick to my weekly budget. Strict Paleo dieters will only eat organic, grass fed meat. I wish we could afford all that good organic food, but basically our budget doesn’t allow it! So basically, we do Paleo ‘student style’. We use Paleo more like ‘guidelines’ than strict rules to follow. Some of my recipes are traditional recipes that I have learnt from my mum, that I have adapted to fit into our Paleo diet. Sometimes I make meals that aren’t Paleo fitted, but are still healthy, cheap and tasty.

I hope you find some recipes on this blog that you really enjoy, or that you just find some inspiration to be more healthy. We work extremely hard, and we shouldn’t feed ourselves with crappy food that is no good for us. We need brain food, we all do, not just students. There are so many of us living on a budget, so I hope that this blog helps you in some way. I know from experience that a healthy life is a happy life.


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