Chicken & Vegetable soup




Chicken soup is the ultimate winter food. Here in New Zealand its rather chilly, and I was craving something comforting. I had my family round our house for dinner last night and we had roast chicken. After watching Jamie Oliver’s ‘Save With Jamie’ on TV the other night, I’ve been determined to not let anything go to waste, so this recipe is made using the carcasses from last nights roast chicken. I also threw in all the vegetables that needed to be used up, or I would be throwing them out. This recipe saves wastage, money and is a home cooked classic. I also got a chance to use my new slow cooker from Breville, it’s the Fast & Slow cooker and is GREAT for so many recipes. The good thing about soup is that you can adapt it to whatever you like, or have on hand. Here’s what went in mine:

You will need (it makes ALOT! I like to split mine into containers and keep them in the freezer. This recipe filled two empty ice cream containers up):

2 chicken carcasses, 1 chicken stock cube, water, 1 carrot, 2 cups of red cabbage, 1 medium kumara (sweet potato), 1/2 a small butternut squash, 1 & 1/2 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 cup of frozen peas, a few stalks of fresh coriander & parsley, 3 stalks of fresh rosemary, salt & pepper, the juice of 1 lemon.

– Place your cooked carcasses in a large saucepan/pot (I did mine in 2 saucepans as I didn’t have a big enough pot) onto the hob. Add in the stock cube and cover the carcasses with cold water.

– Put the pot on until it boils. When it reaches boiling, turn the temperature down to a simmer and simmer the carcasses for 1 hour.

– Chop your vegetables. (You can do this anyway you like as if you like a smooth soup you will blitz it later. If you like a chunky consistency, chop your vegetable the way you like to eat them) Place all of the vegetable into a slow cooker apart from the onions and the fresh herbs.


– In a pan, soften the onions with the garlic. Once soft and browned slightly, add them into the slow cooker with the rest of the vegetables.

– Once the chicken carcasses have been simmering for an hour, sieve the stock into a bowl. Using tongs and a fork, pull all of the chicken off of the carcass discarding the bones into another bowl. Put your chicken pieces back into the stock.

– Pour the chicken & stock into the slow cooker. Place the rosemary on the top and season with the salt and pepper.


– Leave to cook slowly on a medium heat for 3 hours.

– Once the soup has been cooking for 3 hours, stir in the fresh herbs and squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into the soup. Test the taste as it may need more seasoning at this point.

– You can either leave the soup as it is, or if you prefer a smoother consistency soup (like me) you can get a stick blender and blend to soup until smooth.


– Serve! You can also store this soup in containers in the freezer and just grab it out whenever you want a quick, warm lunch.