My daily food blog

I’ve had a few requests from people wanting to know what I eat on a daily basis. Of course I don’t eat the same thing everyday, but I decided to photograph what I ate today, which will hopefully give you guys some breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. I’m not saying this is what you should be eating, some people will eat more, some will eat less, but this is just to show what I personally like to eat on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy this little insight, and I hope to do more posts like this to give you guys some ideas. 

Breakfast: Mushrooms on gluten/wheat/dairy free bread.



Snack: Smoothie with 1x banana, 1x kiwi fruit, half a cup of crushed frozen pineapple, half a cup of soy milk.


Lunch: Salad with lettuce, ham, tomato, red onion, raisons, nuts and balsamic vinegar dressing.


Dinner: Angus beef & thyme sausages, sweet potato (kumara) mash, peas, sweetcorn & green beans.



Lettuce Wraps


I looked in my fridge today at lunch time after I just got back from running around uni in the rain. I saw what I had, and thought I’d create some lettuce wraps. I usually use cabbage to create my wraps, and it is a lot easier to wrap as its cooked and more flexible than lettuce, but lettuce is what I had, so it’s what I used. Now this isn’t a strict Paleo recipe, because I used brown rice for the filling. It’s still healthy, and it’s nice to have something a bit different for lunch. You could always substitute quinoa for the brown rice. Bye bye boring old ham sandwiches!

You will need (to make 3 to 4 wraps):

4 outer leaves of a lettuce, any veg you have available to add to the filling (I used 1/4 of a red onion, a few strips of red capsicum and a small carrot), half a cup of brown rice, 2 tbspns of soy sauce, 1 small can of tuna (I used sweet chilli tuna)



– Boil the brown rice in a saucepan according to packet instructions.

– Drain the rice and pour over 2 tbspns of soy sauce, the can of tuna and mix.

– Slice your vegetables and peel the outer leaves of the lettuce off and rinse them.

– Pile up your ingredients and wrap the lettuce leaf around.

– Eat with your hands and most likely make a huge mess…I did.